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Le Déracinement (The Uprooting)
January 26th- March 9th, 2023
Welancora Gallery

Provenance | Mammies & Cuzzos | Census | Black, Red, & White 

Through a suite of delicately toned metalpoint drawings and paintings on paper and wood panel,  Alston-Ward explores the removal, decontextualization, and rebuilding of cultural and personal identity as an overarching theme in European colonization and American history.  And through extensive research and her signature use of medium, mark-making, and composition, Alston-Ward traces the conceptual basis of her source imagery while creating new contemporary narratives.  Uprooting is the English translation of the French word déracinement, which describes the process of intentionally removing something or someone from their grounding environment or home.  


24K gold, glitter, steel, nickel, silver, bronze, copper, brass, casein ground, mummy brown pigment on prepared paper

51 x 34 in


Tamia Alston Ward Self Portrait.jpg
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